Sunday, January 11, 2009

marley & me

I absolutely adored the movie "Marley and me" when I saw it on new years day. It was a fantastic movie to start the year off with. It is a great story that takes it's viewers on an amazing journey. I have never been so emotional during a movie! I think anybody who has ever had a pet that has died before can relate to this film.

Owen Wilson is one of my favourite actors and I adore watching his comedies, but I was impressed at the amount of expression he depicted. It was so moving and great to see the soft, thoughtful side he was able to express through his character, John Grogan.

One quote touched me in particular, about how a pet will love you no matter what you look like or what you do - you can't say the same about many people. They are not judgemental like so many people tend to be, they will love you unconditionally, without boundaries. I am dying to read the book now - if anyone else has read it, let me know your thoughts...

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  1. i would have loved to see this movie had i not had to put my yellow lab down several years back. Remy looked just like Marley and i think it would be just a little too hard.