Friday, January 9, 2009

exercise tips anyone?

I recently joined the gym as I am trying to lose some weight and have started eating healthier - as one of my many new year's resolutions. I would really like to get into a good routine of exercising regularly and eating healthy, so that I have more energy as well as more confidence in myself. I was wondering whether anybody has any tips for exercising at the gym? the best way to exercise to lose weight, etc. I would really like to hear your opinions! I hope everybody had an amazing nye! I am very excited about 2009 and all it's possibilities. I plan on squeezing as much into the year as I possibly can and living life to the fullest :) If you would like to share your resolutions or your hopes for the year, I'd love to hear them also.



  1. you should probably run for about 15 mins or so. Then do free weights for about 45-50 mins (no you don't end up as a bodybuilder). Get someone to make a plan for you to follow (ask at the gym) and go like 4 times a week...e.g go on mon + off... thurs + fri....sat off... and just continue like that with the day off after 2 days of work out. And every 2-4 week you add more weight to it. Good luck!

  2. firstly thank you so much for your lovely comment on my post on Audrey Hepburn..and thanks for your wishes to my friend. she will be fine but it was a wake up call to us all for sure!
    on your goals for 09...i have never been a member at a gym sorry! but i do a few exercises in the mornings before breakfast at my home..sits ups etc and then i walk most places for transport..and i always walk fast so it's some cardio in there too! hope this helps! and good luck for your goals! you must love yourself so i hope you do! xxxx LM

  3. yes middleton is lovely..we have had a family house there since i was little too..right on the beach! so lucky. yes i am from adelaide...just got home from a year living in sydney! don't plan on staying long though...i have a travel bug i need to let escape! thanks for your comments - and YES how good is the black balloon..such an eye opener..i work with a 13 year old girl 3/4 days with autism and it was intersting to see it on the screen too. toni collette was brilliant as the mother. loved it. hope your enjoying the weather! xx LM

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